PSB/ Student Admission of SMPK 2 starts: August 26, 2019


PSB/ Student Admission starts

PSB web.

Contact: 02163850348 (SMPK 2, 6:30-15:30)

Enjoy some activities & organization skills

with International & DKI Jakarta achievements.

2019 Nationwide achievements

2019 Graduation, top #1 Christian-Catholic schools nationwide


Open School & various competitions, August 26-31, 2019. So far, 42 schools/teams have joined


Students’ CCA/ ekskur (last 2019)

Love for Nation

Love for the NATION.


Gamelan/Karawitan extra-curriculars/CCA

Care for Environment

How to make giant jars with towels/ handuk


1st & 2nd Champions in Central Jakarta 1 Speech contest this August 2019

Morning Silent Reading


  1. Parent Teaching meeting.