School Facilities
SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta (since 2012)

FACILITIES & Rooms of SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta (integrated) BUILDINGS,
already RENOVATED until Sept. 2012


English lab.


3rd Floor: Administration & Principal
Offices, Music Room, Home Economics
& cooking room, new computerized
language laboratory (left).

Year 7 rooms, meeting room and
living-room for guests

4th Floor: Library (+/- 7,000
collections, including more than 800
English fiction books), Computer lab.,
vocal/dance room, Vice-Principals
office, teacher room, Year 8 and 9
rooms, counseling room, student council (OSIS)
Scouts/Youth Red Cross (PMR) room, archive room, and exhibition room

Guzheng show in auditorium (5th floor)

Chinese Guzheng/ Chinese harp performance

5th Floor: Auditorium (above) with new sound systems and multi-media,
Biology lab., Physics lab., Basketball/ futsal fields, canteen 


Traditional Chinese guzheng performance

Joint facilities with TKK 2 and SDK 2:  elevator/lift (1st until 5th floors),
wi-fi fibre optic 20 Mbps, canteen (5th floor), parking lot (1st floor)
and security desk (1st floor)


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