SMPK 2’s Sept.-Oct 2019 Leadership program, social and academic acts (2)

(part 2)

Next are the pics from CIDOKOM, Gunung Sindur/ Bogor LDK OSIS/
Leadership programme for Student Council (candidates), currently taking place
from Oct. 16-18, 2019.  Some SMPK 2 PENABUR teenagers successfully participated
with the social acts and leadership programmes to forge and sharpen
their vision and missions.

LDK OSIS, Oct. 16-18, 2019 in Cidokom, Gunung Sindur, Bogor.

LDK OSIS SMPK PENABUR (joint) shares food, like meatballs, to their Cidokom village kids.

SMPK 2 team with other OSIS SMPK PENABUR teenagers help to make path/some road for easier transport.

Here are SMPK 2’s other routine activities/ daily programmes,
such as Christian service, laboratory and classroom presentation.

Next are the English language laboratory sessions with video tasks
while the 8th graders were having a moodle test in a session in
one Computer laboratory (exhibition room this time).
The last pic deals with final preparation of Cambridge PET test,
for listening part in the English language lab.  Tomorrow,
Oct. 19th, 2019,  the official PET exam from UK takes place
in Sunrise Garden complex of SMPK 7 PENABUR in the morning.

Class presentations in one English project (8th graders)


Next are students’ talent show in WE-Day  (once every 2 months on Wednesday),
this time taking place this week on Oct. 16th, 2019


Here is almost-final project of  giant JUGS made of used towels.
It’s part of  SMPK 2  Environmental club programme since 2019.


(Above)  SMPK 2 Principal Supanna Wirija shared in today’s Friday, Oct. 18th, 2019
about good deeds and character.  (Below)  The Student Council campaign
for new leadership of OSIS has started.  Congratulations to both couples.


Report card distribution during teacher-parent meeting, Oct. 5, 2019

Mid-term report card distribution in class 9B