2019 semester 2 acts in SMPK 2 & Achievements

A 5-day social service took place in a school under Jembatan Dua flyover. Also, some achievements have been made in Robotics (goes to National level next June 2019), Chess (team), BioFest and English speech–all 1st Winners.

Next are the pics.

(Above) Social acts in the form of tutoring primary school kids in a school right under Jembatan Dua flyover.

(Below) Achievements in Robotics/Tech, sports & Language competition.

SMPK 2 PENABUR 2019 achievements

(Above) Chess: 1st Winner in BPK PENABUR Jakarta (team category).

(Below) Nathanael, 1st Winner in 8th JHEC/ Junior high English competition category: SPEECH. Jury team: from UPI NET

Speech, 1st Winner




Robotics. GOLD & SILVER

(Above) Robotics, GOLD & SILVER medals, …. goes to National level against the Winners in Medan and in Surabaya regions.

(Below) BioFest 1st Winner of BPK PENABUR Jakarta schools.