Year end 2018 SMPK 2 acts & Christmas service/ celebration

Guest trainer for SMPK 2 choir, a famous composer from Republic of
Philippines, Mr. Joy T. NIlo, helped the choir to refine the vocal
quality in Nov. 2018. The Christmas service was led by Rev. Grace
Bustami (GKI Cipinang Indah) with PENABUR Jakarta central theme

Some attractions were held, including Sundanese angklung
play with international band accompaniment, Manadonese Kolintang play,
a teenage-in-problem drama as well as Javanese gamelan play. Also
attending was Mr Kenny Lim (2014-2018 Head of Educational Compartment
of BPK PENABUR Jakarta), now as PH BPK PENABUR Board of Directors

The Christmas celebration this year was rich in cultural heritage
with some International Christmas songs, such as Jingle Bells, Gloria
in Excelsis Deo and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.